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When it comes to your auto insurance, you should be getting the right coverage at an affordable price. With so many providers to choose from and so many coverage options available, just the thought of shopping around can be overwhelming. But with USI, we do all the work for you by leveraging our relationships with many of the nation’s top insurance carriers to compare the best offers all at once. We can provide discounted policies that cover:

  • Auto theft, windshield, fire, and vandalism
  • Collision and property damage
  • Bodily injury and lawsuits
  • Towing and rental reimbursement

You don’t need to wait for your next policy renewal to take advantage of this program – see if you could start saving today!

Important Questions:

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How much insurance do I need?

A good rule of thumb for auto insurance is that you should buy as much as you can afford, but certainly no less than 25/50/25 (the insurance company will cover each person involved in an accident up to $25,000 each or $50,000 per accident, plus the insurer will cover up to $25,000 for any property damage you cause).

What is the difference between Collision and Comprehensive coverage?

Collision coverage provides protection to replace or repair your vehicle after an accident, regardless of who is at fault. Comprehensive coverage provides protection in the event of non-accident damage.

Does the kind of car I drive affect my rate?

Yes. A sports car will probably be more expensive to insure than a four-door sedan. Luxury cars cost more because they're more expensive to repair (or replace). Brand new cars also cost more to insure than used ones simply because they cost more to replace if the car is wrecked.

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Legal Information:

Insurance products are offered through USI. USI represents the insurer in placing your insurance coverage, and may provide services to you for that insurer. USI will receive compensation from the insurer in connection with the placement of your coverage. Coverage and discounts are subject to state availability, individual qualifications, and/or the insuring company’s underwriting policies.