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Personal Umbrella Insurance

That umbrella you keep in your car may protect you from the rain, but it can’t protect you from life’s unexpected catastrophes. USI can provide you with protection from lawsuits related to accidents and property damage beyond the coverage you get with homeowner or auto insurance. Imagine if any of the following happened to you:

  • You cause a car accident in which others are injured and their medical bills are much more than what your insurance covers.
  • Your child makes several “disparaging” false remarks about her teacher online and the teacher sues you for personal injury at a cost of $750,000.
  • The concrete on the hillside of your property falls into your neighbor’s home, knocking it from its foundation, resulting in a $970,000 claim.

Sadly, these are real situations that have occurred. Now is the time to add that extra layer of protection before it’s too late. Protect your family, home, and lifestyle from the unexpected with an umbrella policy.

Important Questions:

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Do I need Personal Umbrella coverage?

Do you own a home? Have you built up your nest egg? Do you have retirement savings? If you answered yes, all of these could be a risk if you were to be sued. Umbrella coverage helps protect the life you’ve worked hard to build.

How much coverage do I need?

For most people, $1 million of coverage should be enough for peace of mind. However, if your assets are sizable or you want even more peace of mind, consider increasing your coverage amount.

Don't my auto and homeowners policies already provide this coverage?

An umbrella policy provides coverage that goes above and beyond what is provided by the relatively small amount in your homeowners and auto insurance policies.

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